Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2008 Campaign Already?

I think I will be totally insane and locked in a rubber room by the time the 2008 presidential election. We are barely into 2007 and we have every nut who can write his name running. I'm not real sure Joe Biden can spell his name unless he plagarizes it from another candidaye. ( I had that happen in college. A student copied everything on my test paper, including my name.) I don't think his name was Joe Biden though.

Just look at what is slithering from under the rocks to announce his bid for the presidency: Chuck Hagel- freelance asshole, Hillary Clinton with her legs the size of tree trunks, Joe Biden- court jester, Governor Richardson (NM)- the highest ranking wetback in the country, Barrak Obama- colors within the lines and only cries when other children ask if he is white.

On the Republican side we have John McCain- a very brave patriot who sometimes gets confused as to which party he is in, Rudy Guiliani- schleping about 4,000 pounds of liberal stuff he has done to a relatively conservative convention. He might as well take a knife to a gun fight. Rudy is dead meat for the top spot but could make an excellent Vice Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney-died in the starting gate. His mandatory health insurance plan killed him. Ther are a few others who think they have the right stuff but the don't so I won't mention them.

The 2,000 pound gorilla lurking out there keeping a low profile and quietly making deals with the right people is: TA DA- Newt Ginghich. He is smarter and smoother than any of the others I named above and he isn't afraid of the opposition. Given the funding. Newt will be the next President.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Newt Factor

I've said in the past that Newt Gingrich is the smartest politican around and he is proving my point every day. Newt is working the edges of the Republican party, talking with leaders in every state apparatus and getting the lay of the land.

There is a lot of dissatisfaction in the Republican party with the front runners for the Presidency. McCain has managed to piss off just about every Conservative with his illegal immigration stand and with the McCain/ Feingold campaign restrictions, Guiliani is carrying too much liberal baggage and Mitt Romney is a non starter.

Newt is laying back while the other contenders knock each other off in the run up to the primaries. In the end I think Newt will charge to the front.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Jane is at it again

It looks like Jane Fonda is getting that old stirring feeling deep in her nether places. She has decided to be an anti war activist again. Maybe this time she will actually be charged for treason due to some infantile protest she is bound to make.

The only thing Ms. Fonda has going for her is her physical beauty and that is fading faster than a 2 dollar shirt in a Chinese laundry. Jane isn't an intellect at any level. She has probably never produced an original thought and if she did it would probably be about where she could take a dump. The woman is vapid.

Why would anyone listen to a woman who has never done an honest day's work, has tons of money from acting and from marrying that doofus Ted Turner. I have to give Jane some credit for staying with Ted as long as she did. It couldn't have been easy to live with someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.

At any rate Jane Fonda is up to her old tricks again and there are a lot of fools who will idolize her for it. I hope she decides to go to Iraq and the cut her head off for not wearing a burkka. It would serve her right.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary Will Lose

Hillary has finally made it official: She is in the 2008 Presidential race. I wonder what moron thought she wasn't. She started angling for the Presidency the day Bill announced he was running and when he won, what a horrible day for America, she immediately saw an opportunity for a tag team Presidency.

Now the question becomes will she win? I think not. She and much of the media think Bill's coat tails will make her a shoo in first for the nomination and then for the Brass Ring. They are taking a lot for granted. Hillary and the media tend to rely on the mindset of the liberal northeast and inside the beltway for their polling numbers and that is what will be her demise.

The demographics of the US have changed drastically in the past 20 years. The South and West are now the powerhouses of national politics and for the most part they are much more conservative than the Northeast and the West Coast. Population shifts are continuing at a rapid pace and some of the lideral north states such as Mass. are actually in danger of losing seats in Congress due to the population shift.

Hillary Clinton will never carry the South and that is key to her winning. Other than along the west coast she will never carry the west either and therefore she is a dead duck right out of the box. I would go even a bit further and say that even though she may get a lot of verbal support from liberals, she will only pull in about 60% of their vote. So where does that leave Hillary? She will lose on an order that closely resembles McGoverns loss.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Obamma YO MaMa

Sometimes I wonder just why a person just pops up from nowhere and becomes a media darling. Of course I am talking about Barrak Obama. Here he is making the rounds of the week end talking head shows and being treated like the Messiah when in reality he has done almost nothing in the Senate and has virtually no experience in governance or foriegn policy.

The infatuation can't be because he is black. There are plenty of black people. Could it be that he is black and has charisma? There are plenty of black people with more charisma. Is it because he is smart, has charisma and is black? There are plenty of smart, charismatic blacks. I can't see why he is being played up by the media as a strong contender for the presidency.

Another thing that puzzles me is why he is referred to as black. He had a black father and a white mother so why is he black and not white? If he had a white father and a black mother would he still be black? No. He chooses to identify himself as black because it gives him an edge. The media will bite their tongues before the will ask him hard questions. He will never have to account for his votes in the Senate because he is black. No one will attack him the way they attacked GW Bush for fear of being branded a bigot.

I think Obama is a flash in the pan who has absolutly no chance of being elected President of the United States. People will gush over him and go on and on about his charm and honesty but the wll not vote for him. People would vote for Condi Rice but not Obamma. Why? Because they can see that Obamma is only a black skin hanging on some bones with no substance to fill the skin. We have all heard of the empty suit. Obamma is an empty skin.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ramblin' On

I was drafted onto the Security Committee for the community where I live and although I want to be a good citizen and neighbor it is really getting to be a drag.

Because of my experience in the pharmaceutical industry making controlled substances, I am pretty knowledgable about access control, alarm, surveilance systems. These are the systems we are installing for our new gate, the dock and the clubhouse. The change requires not only the physical installation of the hardware but the whole system has to be programmed into the primary computer and into the door, gate and boat hoist on the dock.

To make a long story short, the job and the system was contracted to a local security company long before I moved here full time. The company is providing top of the line equipment and software but they never show up when the say they will.

I am a very punctual person and it pisses me off to be kept waiting. Before I retired that was one thing my employees knew they wouldn't get away with and I never kept them waiting either.

I was raised to believe that keeping someone waiting is a huge insult but it seems that ethic has gone by the wayside. I don't want to blow the contractor out of the water because that could impact the quality of his work but it is getting harder to bite my tongue.

I guess I will give him another week and if things don't get better then I will let him know he's not meeting expectations.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I saw on the news today that the president of Iran (I can't spell his name and it isn't worth trying) was visiting Hugo Chavez and has started a fund to bring down America. It sure would be a shame if his plane mysteriously crashed on the way back to Iran.

Barbara Boxer seems to have fouled her little nest with her catty remarks to Condi Rice. Then I have never seen anything she has done or said that makes me think there is anything other than a vacuum between her ears.

I almost had a heart attack when I found myself agreeing with Charley Rangle. He seems to have made it clear to Nancy Pelosi that he is in charge of tax policy and that if she wants to make new tax laws she has to go through him. I'll be surprised if Pelosi remains Speaker for the full term. She seems to think the sun rises from her mouth and sets in her ass.

I have to say I wasn't very impressed with GWB's speech on Iraq. I have supported him all the way through his presidency and I still do but the surge he is contemplating is like shoveling shit against the tide. If he really wants to win in Iraq, he needs to have a massive surge and put the entire country under marshall law. Otherwise the terrorists ( insurgents if you like) will only lay low and wait out the clamp down only to spring up again at another time and place. These are lessons the Generals should have learned from Vietnam.

Fighting insurgents is like trying to grasp smoke and the only way to win is control the environment the operate in. General Whats His Name's manual of fighting an insurgency is crap. You don't win by kissing their asses and winning their hearts and souls. You win by beating the crap out of them and making them fear your shadow.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Security Leaks- Not Ours This Time

I don't know why I should be shocked but I am to some degree over the News story in England that Israel is planning and training for a "low yield" nuclear attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.
First, I am shocked that the story got out in Israel whether it is true or not. The Israelies have always been pretty good about keeping state secrets and something like this would have to come from the deepest cover agencies. It could, however be a complete hoax dreamed up by some dim wit reporter who thinks he's not getting enough ink.Another alternative is that the Israelis are blatantly flexing their muscles in hope of the UN finally doing something

If the Israelis do in fact attack Iran's nuclear facilities they should not, that is NOT, use low yield devices. Instead they should use the biggest monster they can hang on a plane and totally obliterate the facilities, support buildings and as many of the technicians and Scientists as possible. This roll of the dice is for all of the chips and if Israel slacks off the slieghtest bit they will have handed the other Arab nations a cause. If on the other hand they go in and turn half of Iran to glass littered with bleached bones, the other Arab nations will step back and say" Don't pull on Supermans cape, don't spit into the wind."

If it were my choice to make, a lot more than the nuclear facilities would vanish.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Saga Continues

I know you won't believe this but I swear it is true. Yesterday my wife was released from the hospital and I was driving her home. We got exactly 3 blocks away from the hospital and a guy rearended us. Fortunately no one was injured and my wife's hip was not damaged. I really hope this is not indicative of what 2007 has in store for us.

The finally got Jerry Ford in the ground. That poor guy has been dragged all over the country and his family has been in the limelight for over a week. I hope no one comes up with another idea for paying last respects to him, they might just dig him up and put him on display again. Poor guy, he just wanted a simple funeral and he got a huge send off. If I hear the Nixon pardon mentioned one more time I think I will puke. The guy did what was needed at the time.

Don't let anyone tell you MediCare doesn't work or that MediCare patients get poor treatment. My wife got excellent care, which is continuing as I write this. We have had nothing but the best treatment for her and virtually everything was covered. The only cash outlay we have had was to purchase shower stool and our co- pay for her prescriptions. The stool was $40.00 and the co- pay was $304.00. Retail for the prescriptions was $1800.00. MediCare may not be perfect but based on all the political brouha about it I am amazed at the effectiveness and efficiency.