Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama's News Farce

I'm watching a news conference with Obama in Jordan. He is without a doubt the slipperiest politician I have ever seen. He has given at least different positions on Iraq so far and hasn't given a straight answer.

This news conference has gone on and on for at least 30 minutes and the reporters are acting like lap dogs. Obama gets unfettered news coverage while the NYT refuses to publish an op ed by McCain. Why are we, the public, allowing the news media to blatently support Obama's campaign? Obama raised $52 million last month and given the free coverage he is getting I wonder how much of it is actually going into his campaign. Follow the money! I'll bet he is socking away millions offshore or in another of shadey deals.

I hope people wake up and see that we are being flim flammed and that Obama is not only a charletin but also a crook.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Media's Candidate

I can't say how others feel about it but I think the way the media is fawning over Obama is disgusting. Here is a man who has virtually no accomplishments that qualify him to be President, a job that requires at least some experience in dealing with problems, and the media is treating like God incarnate.

Obama has shown no ability to think on his feet or to deal with adversity. Without a telepromter he gets muddeled and makes statements that are disconnected and impeteous. He blurted out in a debate that he would meet with the world's worst dictators with no preconditions and has spent months trying to moderate that position. As a result he comes across as being wishey washey, a condition we certainly don't need in a position of leadership.

Obama has issued several statements claiming he had "passed" laws as a state senator and he has tried to claim credit for laws that have passed in the US Senate when he wasn't even present for the votes. To me that is being a liar of the first magnitude.

Obama has had so many positions on the Iraq war that it is almost impossible to keep track of them without a scorecard.

Obama sends his wife out to campaigne for him yet he finds it "infuriating" when she is taken to task for her statements. Obama wants total immunity from all responsibility for what he or his wife says yet he quick to criticize Bush, McCain and Hillary. Obama reminds me of the tattletale kid we all knew in grammer school. He is quick to tattle but slow the own up to it.

I can't think of anything worse than having a lying, weakling like Obama for president. He can't be trusted and he doesn't have the balls to stand up and be counted. In short, Obama will be a total disaster if he is elected.

Why the media is so enamoured with Obama I have not idea but they are determined to get him elected.

Personally I wouldn't trust Obama in a shit house with a muzzle on.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Republican Lethargy

I don't know what is wrong with the Republicans. The Democrats are virtually holding the keys to the White House and the Congress out for the Republicans to take but for some reason they are not capitalizing on the opportunity.

Right now the big issue is the cost of fuel. This is an issue the Republicans could use to beat the Democrats to death but their approach to it has been luke warm at best and non existant at worst.

If I were President Bush, I would have my staff draw up a chronology of the Energy Policy proposals made by Republicans and blocked by thje Democrats in the past 8 years. Every proposal made by the Administration or Congressional Republicans have been killed by the Democrats. It isn't as if there were no record of the Democrats obstruction. I'm sure there is plenty of ammunition to use against the Democrats. They have, with some Republican help blocked drilling in the outer continental shelf and in ANWR. President Bush is responsible for preventing drilling in the Eastern Gulf, a stupid move if ever I saw one. The Democrats have blocked mining oil shale and oil sands.

Once I had the Chronological Report, I would address the nation and spell out exactly why fuel prices are so high. With his approval rating, a lot of what he should say would fall on deaf ears but there is a huge number of people who, once the problem was explained to them would see the proverbial light.

The cost of fuel is going to be the over riding issue in this election and the Republicans are just standing there letting the Democrats blame them. Its time for Bush and the Republican Party to grow some balls and take the fight to the Democrats.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


One of the things I dispise in people is ingratitude. I don't expect people to bow and scrape at the feet of someone who has done something for them but I do expect a little loyalty.

I saw today that Hispanics favor Obama 59% to 26% over McCain. This is the thanks McCain gets after he stuck his neck out on the "Comprehensive Immigration Bill". McCain made major sacrifices in his run for President by supporting that bill. Conservatives like me really disliked the bill and I rejoiced when it went down in flames. I still question McCain's conservatism because of the Immigration Bill and because of McCain- Feingold .

I have no idea why Hispanics are supporting Obama in such numbers but based on my experience in dealing with both ethnic groups, the only people blacks hate worse than whites are Hispanics. From my experience, the feeling is mutual. I have had both ethnic groups working for me at various times and it was like trying to mix oil and water.

McCain is still trying to deal with the immigration problem "humainly" meaning he isn't out to deport all of the illegals and yet they are supporting Obama. If I were McCain, I would make a speech saying "I was wrong to try to pass the Comprehensive Immigration Bill, if I'm elected President I will do everything in my power to round up the illegals and ship them out".

I can't abide an ingrate and the Hispanics have shown that is what they are.