Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Political Duplicity and Greed

I have been catching snippets of Charles Schumer and Patrick Leahy expressing their holier than thou outrage at the firing of the 8 US Attorneys and the word hypocracy falls short of describing their comments. Where were these clowns when Clinton wiped out the entire slate of US Attorneys? Why is it a travesty when Bush fires 8 and OK when Clinton fires 91?

Politics at the Federal level in this country is doing what no outside enemy has ever done. It is destroying the fabric of the Republic.

If ever there was a good reason for term limits, the current politics above all else mentality in Washington is it. Our Senators and Congresspersons will do anything to maintain themselves in office and continue to feed at the public trough. They will lie, cheat, commit treason and kiss the asses of anyone in order to stay in their cushey jobs where they all seem to live far beyond the means of their public salaries.

How is it that quite a few of our elected officials go to Washington without a pot to piss in and retire very wealthy? Lyndon Johnson comes to mind as one who had nothing when he was first elected and became a multi millionaire while in office. There have been many others but Johnson stands out as one of the most obvious.

I have come to the conclusion that politicians see their election to office as a licsence to steal and the most greedy are the ones who make the most noise while in office.

Term limits would be a great start in correcting the mess in Washington but even more effective would be a strict accounting of politicians monetary gains while in office. I mean FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL financial gains. That would cause a lot of them to see the need to get a real job.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

False Start

I have been watching the wannabe presidential candidates in their bids for the nomination and I think some of them have already begun to falme out.

Biden never had a chance to begin with so he doesn't count, Hagle is dead meat, Macaine lost his chance with his mealy mouthed illegal immigration stance and Hillary really blew it with her fake southern accent.

Its' obvious that Obama is taking the Democratic party by storm so far but it remains to be seen what will happen as he moves through the campaign. I think his shallowness will catch up with him in the next few months and he will start losing ground very fast.

Where does that leave the Democrats? I think they will probably ressurect Al Gore in desperation. Not a pretty sight but the Democrats are not a pretty party.

On the Republican side I think the dark horse is Newt Gingrich. He is playing it smart by letting the other wannabe's burn down before the real campaign really gets started. I look for Gingrich to get the Presidential nomination and for Romney to get the nod for VP.

Given the performance of the Democrats in the Senate and House so far, I think the public will decide they are a party of losers and will dump many of them in '08 so I think the end result will be a basket turnover in the congress and Gingrichand Romney in the top spots.

I hope I am right.