Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Democrats

I haven't really paid a lot of attention to the Democrats debates because I don't believe socialism is a good formula for America. Hillary as much as quoted Karl Marx in a speech, or maybe it was in a debate, when she stated that her her health plan would be paid for on the basis of an individual's abilty to pay. That is pretty c;ose to Marx's "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".

I am curious as to whom will determine my needs. Will it be Hillary or some buracracy of clerks with high school educations evaluating my abilities and needs. I prefer determining those things for myself.

I did watch last night's debate all the way through and my opinions about both candidates being socialists were reinforced. Both of them want to turn us upside down and dump the cash from our pockets so they can redistribute our money according to someone else's needs. I suppose their next move will be to nationalize agriculture, medicine and business.

What really struck me most about the debate was the impact it had on Hillary. She started out aggressive and comative and as the debate went forward you could actually see the color draining from her face. Toward the end she looked drawn, pallid and beaten. Hillary knows she is beaten. In my opinion, by the end of next week she will withdraw from the race.

When she does withdraw, it will not be gracious and I think any support she MIGHT give Obama will be extremely weak. Hillary is a very vindictive person and even if she does say she supports Obama, she will stick a knife in his back at every opportunity.

I am glad to see all of this playing out the way it is because I think it will help Republicans and will put McCain in the White House. In my opinion, the Democrats are about to implode and Obama is the fuse.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Surprise

For the past couple of years been working on my family tree. I have found several ancestors who served in the American Revolution, One who was in the War of 1812, several who were in The Civil War , my Grandfather served in Cuba during the Spanish - American War, several ancestors were in the 1st World War and the 2nd World War none that I can find were in Korea and I was in Vietnam.

As I have been digging through family documents I have found several things that support the findings of my ancestry. One document was my Fathers membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, another was a Revolutionary War Veteran land grant to my 4th Great Grandfather, another was a pension granted to my Great Grandfather for service in the Confererate Army. I didn't even know that Confederate soldiers were eligible for pensions but they were.

Yesterday, I found documentation that my 4th Great Grandfather, Hugh Nelson, was the brother of Thomas Nelson, Jr. a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Hugh's father, William Nelson, was at one time acting governor of the Province of Virginia.

My mother had often claimed to be desended from Lord Nelson but no one took her seriously. It was this connection I was looking for when I found these other notables. It seems oral family history is pretty accurate at times so I will follow up on some of the stories my Grandparents
told me as a child.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hillary's New Idea

I saw today the Hillary said she would consider garnishing the wages of people who didn't voluntarily take out health insurance. No that is just what we need. It fits into the same catagory as the law some legislators are trying to pass in Mississippi to require fast food establishments to refuse service to obese people.

What the hell ever happened to personal responsibility? At the rate we are going we will be limited by law on everything from what we can eat to how many sheets of toilet paper we can use to clean up from eating. Between the tree huggers (Al Gore) and the other liderals, we are at risk of losing any sembelence of self determination.

In my opinion, if a person doesn't have health insurance and needs the services of a health care provider, he should be given the service needed. He should then be billed for for the services rendered. If he doesn't pay he should be turned over to a collection agency and if still refuses to pay, garnisment is in order.

We have to many politicians and public servants who think people are too stupid to run their own lives. They believe that they know best and are willing to use laws to impose their will on the people. We have enough laws regulating our lives. Probably tucked away in some law already on the books is a legality that already allows the government to garnish one's wages to pay for health care. Social Security comes to mind but I'll bet there are others.

What we need is a review of all the Local, State and Federal laws already on the books and redundant laws should be purged. Additionally, all of the laws should be catigorized into tax laws, criminal laws, civil laws etc and be put into the hopper for renewal or to be rescinded.
The goal of this exercise should be to remove all arcaine, redundant and ineffective laws. This would not only clean up the ledger, it hopefully would put about 50% of the lawyers out of business.

I'm glad I am old and won't live long enough to see the country go all the way down the tubes but while I am here I am going to do everything I can to prevent people like Hillay for taking over my life.


Friday, February 01, 2008

We Need More Pragmatism

I am so tired of the constant claims of "I'm more conservative tham you" currently infecting the Republican campaign I could puke. Positions or imagined positions on SCOTUS nominations, gun control, immigration, taxes, fees, the Surge, and national security really don't matter much if a candidate gets elected and can't deliver on his/her promises. Look at what happened when the Democrats won the 2006 elections on the promise they would immediately end the war. They are currently enjoying the lowest approval ratings in history.

I consider myself to be very conservative but I also consider myself to be realistic. None of the candidates of either party is going to get anything through congress without some degree of compromise. It just ain't going to happen.

Take the issue of illegal immigrants. There is no way in hell that a law is going to pass requiring the roundup and deportation of 12 + million people. If such a law were passed, it is not feasible to enforce it. The best we can hope for is getting a law passed that requires the deportation of criminals and that border security be made air tight so they can't return. But it isn't just the southern border. The northern border as well as all ports of entry need to be air tight.

We need to tighten up on the issusnce of visas and other permissions that allow people from nations in other hemispheres to come here. That requires a major change in the State Department. They are the ones who hand out those passes nilly willy to just about anyone. The State Department sees itself as an entity unto itself answerable to no one, That has got to change.

I had hoped Condie Rice would whip the State Department into shape but instead she has pulled her over to her side. What is needed is a bloodletting at State where many of the top people are given their walking papers. Recently a Mexican delegation came to complain about too many of their citizens returning to Mexico. We need people in the State Department who would look them in the eye and tell them to go piss up a rope.