Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Worm Turns

The GOP revolt in Congress might at last be an indicator that the Republicans have learned a lesson. When the Democrats left Washington for their 5 week break (vacation) they left the door open for the Republicans to do to them what the Democrats have been doing for years- stab them in the back.

Democrats have been unrelenting in berating President Bush and the Republicans for years and the Republican response has been luke warm at best . Now, finally, the Republicans have awakened and have an issue that if they press forward with it can lead to a November surprise for the Democrats.

That issue is energy, more specifically gas prices. This issue alone can, if the Republicans constantly and relentlessly push it can oust the Democrat majority. It won't be easy but it can be done. The Democrats are handing the Republicans all the ammunition they need to put Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid out of business.

Reid and Pelosi have taken the wrong side on a major bread and butter issue. They are showing collossal insensivity to the plight of Americans who have to use gasoline in their daily lives. The high cost of gasoline has made it necessary for many Americans to made choices between buying gas or buying a pair of shoes or eating hot dogs instead of steak. The American people won't stand for this for long and will rebel against those who are making them to feel the pinch.

So far, it is the Democrats who are blocking new oil exploration, new drilling and new refineries. They are doing it under the label of "I'm trying to save the planet" or it will take 10 years before new drilling will have any impact on prices. The American public knows these excuses are untrue. They are well aware that if the moritoriums on new exploration, drilling and refineries we will see almost immediate results and that within 2 years we will be pumping gas into our cars that came from American wells was refined in American refineries and that new exploration will find new sources of oil in places we never expected.

I just hope the Republicans will continue on the attack. We can't afford a continuation of Reid and Pelosi and most of all we can't afford Barrack Obama.



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