Saturday, June 28, 2008

McCain Needs To Get On The Ball

I am beginning to get really concerned that Obama will get elected in November. He has everything going for him and unless something drastic and unexpected comes up I would say he has about a 95% chance of winning.

Obama has the Press in his pocket. They will do almost anything to help him get elected. They downplayed the Preacher and Priest mess and have said virtually nothing about Obamas connection to the Weatherman Bomber. Of course, the cable networks made some hay out of those issues but newspapers and the legacy networks barely mentioned them.

Another thing that is helping Obama is the price of Gas. It is incredible to me that the price of gas has sucessfuly been laid at President Bush's doorstep. The Democrats have blocked every attempt by the White House and the few remaining Republican Congresspersons to develop a realistic energy policy. What is so maddening about this is that the way it gets played by the media is that the Republicans are trying to line the pockets of their oil tycoon buddies. The Democrats come off looking like they stopped a looting and the Republicans just stand there with their faces hanging out.

George Bush needs to call press conferences and make use of his position to announce to the world that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are responsible for high gas prices. He needs to hammer away at it with the same determination the Democrats have shown in trying, and suceeding, to wreck his Presidency.

President Bush, Dick Cheney and every other Administration offical need to put on a full court press to hang the energy problem around the Democrats neck

Short of another 911 type attack on us, the energy mess is about the only thing that is going to pull McCain's fat out of the fire. He certainly isn't getting his message out on his own.

McCain needs to hammer the energy problem in tandem with the Administration. He needs to show some of the grit that got him through his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. So far, McCain has let Obama just say anything about him that pops into his head. McCain needs to show some of his famous temper. I think people would respect him if he did. Nobody respects someone who is big enough to stand up to a bully but won't. The only way to deal with a bully is to whip his ass.

McCain. if you read this, take it to heart. Otherwise you are going to lose.



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