Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hillary's New Idea

I saw today the Hillary said she would consider garnishing the wages of people who didn't voluntarily take out health insurance. No that is just what we need. It fits into the same catagory as the law some legislators are trying to pass in Mississippi to require fast food establishments to refuse service to obese people.

What the hell ever happened to personal responsibility? At the rate we are going we will be limited by law on everything from what we can eat to how many sheets of toilet paper we can use to clean up from eating. Between the tree huggers (Al Gore) and the other liderals, we are at risk of losing any sembelence of self determination.

In my opinion, if a person doesn't have health insurance and needs the services of a health care provider, he should be given the service needed. He should then be billed for for the services rendered. If he doesn't pay he should be turned over to a collection agency and if still refuses to pay, garnisment is in order.

We have to many politicians and public servants who think people are too stupid to run their own lives. They believe that they know best and are willing to use laws to impose their will on the people. We have enough laws regulating our lives. Probably tucked away in some law already on the books is a legality that already allows the government to garnish one's wages to pay for health care. Social Security comes to mind but I'll bet there are others.

What we need is a review of all the Local, State and Federal laws already on the books and redundant laws should be purged. Additionally, all of the laws should be catigorized into tax laws, criminal laws, civil laws etc and be put into the hopper for renewal or to be rescinded.
The goal of this exercise should be to remove all arcaine, redundant and ineffective laws. This would not only clean up the ledger, it hopefully would put about 50% of the lawyers out of business.

I'm glad I am old and won't live long enough to see the country go all the way down the tubes but while I am here I am going to do everything I can to prevent people like Hillay for taking over my life.



Blogger Chad said...

I was just getting ready to write almost the same thing about this. Obesity is a problem but so is stupidity, is Mississippi going to outlaw that too?

7:36 AM  
Blogger Chuck said...

I doubt that they will outlaw stupidity because it would pretty much do away with the politicians. On second thought, that might not be too bad.


10:40 AM  

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