Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trials and Tribulations

Today I fought a titanic battle with the Mustang. I put the dash back in. This might seem like a simple thing to do but it isn't. First of all there are agazillion wires that have go to different places in the dash and the wiring harness isn't designed so that you simply start at one side and work you way to the other. Another thing is that the connectors (plugs) may have wires of one color in the female connector and a different set of colors on the male connector. The wires are color coded but in some cases the connectors are transitions to an accessory which has it's own color code. Fortunately the connectors are made so they only match their mates but sometimes when an accessory is involved the connector may be duplicated someplace else in the harness.

Well, after struggling with the wiring and the dash I finally got it in and boy, did it look good. Then I noticed it. A wire unconnected to anything dangling from under the dash. Sometimes the manufacturers will terminate a wire in the harness if the accessory it is supposed to service is not installed.

Anyway, I now know the best way to re install the dash so I will take it back out, find the mate to the phantom wire and re re install the dash. I think the car will look very good when I finish and my Daughter will have her first cool car.



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