Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Balls at Last, Balls at Last! Great God Almighty Balls at last

I was gratified that after President Bush read my previous post he immediately grew a set of big brass balls and commuted "Scooter's 2 1/2 year jail time.

He commuted the jail portion of Libby's sentence because he believes the sentence is excessive. How true! Fitzgerald should be the one with the jail sentence along with being disbarred for conspiring to create a criminal case where none existed He should lose his protection against being sued and Libby should sue him into bankruptsey. After suing Fitzgerald. Libby should turn his lawyers loose on Plame/Wilson and soak them for everthing they are worth or will ever be worth.

I heard thatin exchange for getting his sentence commuted, Libby has to change his name from Scooter to something more appropriate for a man of his age. When he called me and asked my opinion, I suggested TRUCK. It is much more grown up than Scooter,



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