Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What Have I Done!!!

I wrote in a previous post about restoring a 1984 Mustang convertible my Son in Law got for my Daughter. I have completed the engine, interior and wiring and now I'm doing the body work.

I have created a mess I'm not sure I can fix. My Son in Law removed the luggage rack that he thought was not original to the car and threw it away. Well, it turns out the rack was original on the GT models so dumping it was a big mistake. It was mounted on the trunk lid and there were screw holes left when he took it off. So, no luggage rack and a bunch of holes in the trunk lid. What did I, in one of my more brilliant moments do? I asked a neighbor to weld up the holes. The guy welds for a living so I assumed he knew what he was doing. Wrong!! Automotive sheetmetal is thin and my welder friend is used to welding pipe so he overheated the metal and warped it 6 ways from Sunday.

I have spent a week trying to smooth it out and it still looks like hell. I would buy a new one but they are as scarce as hen's teeth. I have no option but to fix it. I'm thinking about taking it to a body shop but I'm sure they would take one look at it and tell me to take a flying leap. Besides, I'm humiliated at the mess and don't have anyone to blame it on.

One way or another I am going to get it smooth but I have learned a couple of lessons from the experience. 1) Never throw away anything you take off an old car, you will need it as soon as the dumpster is picked up and 2) never ask a friend to do something he doesn't ordinarily do. He will screw it up every time.



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