Monday, January 29, 2007

Jane is at it again

It looks like Jane Fonda is getting that old stirring feeling deep in her nether places. She has decided to be an anti war activist again. Maybe this time she will actually be charged for treason due to some infantile protest she is bound to make.

The only thing Ms. Fonda has going for her is her physical beauty and that is fading faster than a 2 dollar shirt in a Chinese laundry. Jane isn't an intellect at any level. She has probably never produced an original thought and if she did it would probably be about where she could take a dump. The woman is vapid.

Why would anyone listen to a woman who has never done an honest day's work, has tons of money from acting and from marrying that doofus Ted Turner. I have to give Jane some credit for staying with Ted as long as she did. It couldn't have been easy to live with someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.

At any rate Jane Fonda is up to her old tricks again and there are a lot of fools who will idolize her for it. I hope she decides to go to Iraq and the cut her head off for not wearing a burkka. It would serve her right.



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