Sunday, January 07, 2007

Security Leaks- Not Ours This Time

I don't know why I should be shocked but I am to some degree over the News story in England that Israel is planning and training for a "low yield" nuclear attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.
First, I am shocked that the story got out in Israel whether it is true or not. The Israelies have always been pretty good about keeping state secrets and something like this would have to come from the deepest cover agencies. It could, however be a complete hoax dreamed up by some dim wit reporter who thinks he's not getting enough ink.Another alternative is that the Israelis are blatantly flexing their muscles in hope of the UN finally doing something

If the Israelis do in fact attack Iran's nuclear facilities they should not, that is NOT, use low yield devices. Instead they should use the biggest monster they can hang on a plane and totally obliterate the facilities, support buildings and as many of the technicians and Scientists as possible. This roll of the dice is for all of the chips and if Israel slacks off the slieghtest bit they will have handed the other Arab nations a cause. If on the other hand they go in and turn half of Iran to glass littered with bleached bones, the other Arab nations will step back and say" Don't pull on Supermans cape, don't spit into the wind."

If it were my choice to make, a lot more than the nuclear facilities would vanish.


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