Sunday, November 12, 2006

What Now?

Well, here it is 5 days after the election and I am sick of all the analysis and pondering of why the Republicans lost. The Republicans lost the election for no other reason than stupidity. They thought incumbancy would insulate them from the dissatisfaction among conservatives and they would just slide through the elections.

When the Republicans who were up for re election started feeling some heat from their opponents they fell apart like a cheap suit. They didn't know how to deal with it so they pulled away from Bush like they had touched a lot stove. That put them in the position of having to say the same things the Democrats had been saying.

The old sayings "don't change horses in mid stream" and "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" are trueisms they should have heeded. They were the cut and runners now and the Democrats played them like a violin. All the Democrats had to do was to sit back and let them self destruct, which they did in a spectacular fashion.

At any rate, now we have got to hear the pundits, talking heads and mavens potificate about what the Democrats will do now that they have the majority. I think the answer to that is that the Democrats are going to make life miserable for Bush and the new minority Republicans. The Republicans won't be able to take a crap without the Democrats shoving it back in.

I'm a conservative Republican and I regret that the Democrats won the election. I hope the RNC has learned a lesson from this fiasco. I hope every potential Republican who wants to be a candidate will be subjected to a background check and be thoroughly vetted before getting the support of the RNC. Something has got to be done to screen out the perverts, crooks and shadey dealers so we don't wind up with another scandal ridden House or Senate. Let the Democrats have those honors, Republicans should demand a higher standard.


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