Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What A Great Day

Today started out kind of overcast and I felt kind of down in the dumps. I am a sunshine person who only likes clouds when it is actually raining. I do like for it to rain though because otherwise I have to water my yard, and I learned when I lived in Phoenix that sunshine every day can get old. When I lived in Albany, NY it was cloudy every day and that sucks.

Anyway, at about 10 am the sun started peeking through the clouds with a beautiful sunburst. After the Northern Lights, Sunbursts and and Sun Dogs are my favorite atmospheric phenomena. I drove to Alaska in 1961 on the old ALCAN highway camping on the side of the road along the way and the Northern Lights were fantastic. I must have been very lucky on that trip since I cooked out and had food all around. Its a wonder I wasn't done in by a Grizzley. I guess God really does look after fools and children.

When I worked on a ranch in Montana, Sun Dogs ocurred fairly often and I was always mesmerized by them. I think I will drive up to Montana this spring and refamiliarize myself with the beauty of it. Eastern Montana isn't what I would call beautiful but western Montana is about as close to heaven as you can get without actually dying.

All things considered, where I live now is my favorite. I live on a tidal island between Savannah, Ga and Brunswick, Ga. We are back from the coast far enough to be protected by the barrier island, St. Catheines and Sapelo Island. The Georgia coast is a great place to live if you like seafood, sunshine and a leisurely pace. I catch my own shrimp occasionaly. I don't enjoy fishing but there are plenty of places that you can get fresh caught flounder, grouper, tuna etc. at very reasonable prices.

Well, I said in my profile that I would sometimes post random thoughts and my thought for today is: Life Is Great- I wish more people would enjoy it as much as I do.


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Please feel free to respond in detail as to why you think I am wrong on the president's declaration of tactical changes with Iraq.

It seems that our strategic goal was to stand up an Iraqi army so as to reduce both our numbers and our profile in the country. That has not worked. On a tactics level, the armed forces have been able to do everything (militarily) we've asked of them.

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