Monday, October 09, 2006

Atomic Test

I see North Korea claims and seismographic readings of 4.2, confirm they conducted a sucessful nuclear test. The test occurred Monday morning.

This really changes the complexion of things in the Far East. Japan and South Korea are really on the hot seat now. Japan will probably begin a new approach to their military stance. Since WW2, Japan has maintained a relatively small self defence force and we have provided the bulk of their defence.

South Korea will probably ask for a larger US presence there after years of anti US protests and we will probably accomedate them.

Politically here at home, I think this helps the Republicans. It was, after all, the Clinton administration that took their eye off the ball while North Korea cranked up their nuclear program.

North Korea's nuclear test will probably have a major impact on the Iranian situation. I think it will cause a much more concentrated effort by us and the EU to stop them from developing a nuclear capability.

Its a whole new ballgame in world politics. A nutcase now has the bomb and he can't be allowed to expand his capabilities.


Blogger copy editor said...

This is a major development.

Japan's new PM has said he'll make a more offensive-minded military and ammend the constitution we gave them. I am all for that. South Korea's military is also much more competent than in years past. They've also had limited experience in the war on terror.

This may impact Iran as well. Do you think China would like two more nuclear powers around it and the likely proliferation to follow?

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