Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bin Laden Dead- So What?

I just read at Kuru Lounge there was a report in France that Bin Laden has died of a water borne disease. Considering the area he is supposed to be in that isn't surprising.

For the past 3- 4 years, Bin Laden has only a symbolic figure. People he trained an Afghanistan, Sudan and Iraq have been carrying the load while Bin Laden has had to lay low in the mountains. His occasional videos were more for boosting jihadist moral than anything else. I don't really care if he is dead or not.

If Bin Laden is in fact dead, my regret is that he cheated us of the satisfaction of capturing or killing him. The islamofascists will continue their killing spree, Muslims around the world will continue pushing non Muslims as far as they can, the UN will continue turning a blind eye to terrorism and our politicians will continue treating terrorism as a political football. In other words, nothing will change.


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