Thursday, September 21, 2006

I find it amazing that we can communicate to millions of peoplewith nothing more than a computer and I find it even more amazing how many people are willing to read what someone they don't even know writes.

I was born in 1940 and our means of communication was primative. No we didn't beat drums or send smoke signals but we weren't much better. We had the party line which consisted of 6 families sharing one common phone line. Each household had a special ring that told the others on the line that the call was for Ms. Jones. Naturally everyone on the party line picked up and listened to Ms. Jones converation.

Party lines still exist in some of the sparsely populated areas and they still listen to their neighbor's conversations. I wonder why our Senators and Congresspersons aren't outraged at this illegal wiretapping. Many times in the really small telephone exchanges there is a operator in the loop listening to a private conversation.

What I learnrd as a young boy first beginning to use the phone (our number was 39178) not to say anything on the phone that could get you in hot water with an eavesdropping neighbor. To this day, I am very careful of what I say on the phone and so far have never had an embarrassing moment about something I said.

That might change with this blog. I will be writing stuff on various subjects and a reader (if I attract any) might get upset and start blasting me. Thats OK, if it makes you feel better cut loose. There is nothing any of you can say that I haven't heard before in several languages.

My name is Chuck and I think I have some interesting thoughts. Try me out it doesn't cost a thing.


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