Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've had a couple of people ask me "what is a Piney Woods Rooter and why did you pick that name"?

A Piney Woods Rooter is a wild hog that inhabits the coastal pine scrublands of the southeasten US. It is a very sinewey animal that adapts easily to harsh environments. The Piney Woods Rooter is a survivor that when backed into a corner will fight visciously and has been known to defeat Black Bears twice their size. Because of their diet which consists of almost anything includung pine roots and bark they sometimes have a flavor somewhat like turpentine and therefore aren't a choice meal.

What I like about the Piney Woods Rooter is that it quietly goes about, minding it's own business, generally not bothering those around him, but woe unto he who threatens him or his family. He lives as I think most people should live, serene, quiet and ready for anything.


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