Sunday, September 24, 2006

Venezuelan Foriegn Minister Detained

Jeez: How could we be so callous? Detaining the Venezuelan Foriegn Minister at the airport because he showed up for his flight home late and without a ticket. This slight oversight on his part seems to have caused airport security to become suspicious and they apparently wanted to strip search him. What a travesty.

What would happen if any of us had shown up at the airport under the same circumstances? Of course, we would have breezed right through security and even without a ticket or boarding pass been allowed to board the flight. Fat chance.

This imbicile is now complaining that racism was why he was stopped and plans to have the UN investigate. What is worse is that our State Department apologized for his being detained for 90 minutes. Can anyone believe that? We apologize because a idiot from Venezuela, a country whose president had just called our president el diablo tries to board a plane with no ticket?

Airport security should have ripped his clothes off, searched him, tied a pink ribbon around his pee- pee, strapped him into a seat next to Chavez and sent him on his merry way.



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