Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lame Excuses 101

With each passing hour the plot thickens in the Foley scandle and his attempts to rationalize his behavior get more lame.

The first thing out of the box was a drinking problem so he checks into a rehabilitation center.
Now I see that he was abused as a child by a clergyman.

I suppose next he will claim he was kidnapped by aliens and they altered his brain to make him a pedophile.

Why can't people just 'fess up when they are caught redhanded? I would look a lot more favorably on someone who said "I'm caught, I'm a pervert and I know it. I will seek psychiatric help."

Does Foley really think people are going to feel sorry for him? He had the world by the tail and he couldn't control himself.

My Dad, fount of all wisdom. told me long ago when I first started in management to "keep your pecker out of the payroll". Sound advice.


Blogger copy editor said...

Emails and IMs also need to be carefully guarded.

12:51 PM  

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