Friday, October 27, 2006

CNN the Propaganda Network

I rarely watch CNN because I generally don't like their anchors. Wolf Blitzer can irritate me by just breathing and Lou Dobbs is just devoid of personality.

I turned to CNN and they were doing their series of Broken this or Broken that. The totles themselves speak volumes about what CNN is trying to do. The whole series is designed to blame Bush and the GOP for every ill we are facing. They try to make it look like terrorism started when Bush took office and won't end until he leaves.

The segment on Broken Borders paints a picture of Republicans practically leading illegal immigrants across the desert so they can capitalize on the cheap labor. If were not for greedy Republicans and a corrupt administration there would be no illegal immigration.

I was totally unaware that we never had a border problem or an illegal immigration problem until the Republicans took over. I have to thank CNN for enlightening me on that matter. According to CNN Bill Clinton had the border under control and the only way Hispanic immigrants got into this country under Clinton was through legitemate means.

Of course in the Broken Government segment the Republicans are the obstructionists and are the ones who won't cooperate on such things as fixing Social Security. The Republicans are the corrupt ones and people like Harry Reid, William Jefferson and Nancy Pelosi are the Knights in Shining Armor fighting to cure the ills of the House and Senate. The Republicans are the only ones who have homosexuals or people who take advantage of unsuspecting Pages or Aides.

Good old CNN. They will put us on the right path if we will just listen to them.


Blogger copy editor said...

The titles are clearly editorializing the content of the show.

5:23 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

Which I disagree with.

(I'm having a hard time with complete thoughts on Friday.

5:24 PM  

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