Monday, November 06, 2006

Pinch Me- I Might be Dreaming

As a Republican Conservative, I look at the current Republican election problems and ask myself, Where is Newt? Newt, in my opinion is one of the smartest politicians there ever was. He deserves most of the credit for engineering the Republican Revolution in 1994 and got more done in his tenure as Speaker than any previous Speaker ever did in the same amount of time.

Unfortunately Newt got hounded out of the Speaker position because he took a large advance on a book he was going to write. Others had done it before (and I might add, since) but for some reason Newt taking an advance violated House Ethics rules, as if they really exist, while the other Congresspersons' advances did not. Newt left Congress and for a while blended into the woodwork. He did the occasional talk show appearance and wrote his book.

Newt is a fairly frequent commentator on Fox News and seems to be somewhat of an elder statesman. He has made a few appearances to support Republican candidates in this election and draws a crowd where ever he goes.

The answer to my question "Where is Newt" is: He is laying the groundwork for a run at the presidency in 2008. Newt doesn't sniff the political winds daintely the way Hillary, or Bill or Kerry does. Newt is breathing in the political wind in deep gulps and he smells the Oval Office. He is going to run, and I think he will win.


Blogger copy editor said...

Everyone says the GOP will be wide open in 2008. Newt is definitely going to run. 2008 will be an interesting primary season, to say the least.

4:06 PM  
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