Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ho Hum

Well, I've been retired for almost 2 months and I'm having a hard time getting used to not living to a schedule. I was never a procastinator but with as much time as I have now I find myself saying "it can wait until tomorrow". I don't want to get into this mode of living so I tell myself "you might be dead tomorrow" and that helps motivate me to go ahead and do things I would rather postpone.

One of the things I've been doing is working on the family tree. Talk about grinding boredom. I guess Ancestry.Com is one of the better services for finding relatives who are long dead, I traced my Mother's family on her father's side all the way back to the year 1532. On her Mother's side I have hit a blank wall. I can't find any of them any further back than her Grandparents. I am beginning to think that part of the family just crawled out of the primordial ooze.

The landscaping I thought would take a couple of years is complete. Funny how when you have time to do the things you really wanted to do, they get done faster than you imagined.

Since the elections are over it seems most of the bloggers I like to follow have slacked off. I suppose it will pick up again when the Democrats actually become the majority in January. The seem to be having a bit of a problem sorting out who will be the number 2 in the House. If they actually do put Murtha in that slot it will tell us a lot about what the future holds. I think having the Democrats in charge is going to suck. I hope all those disenchanted Conservatives and Republicans who wanted to teach the Republicans a lesson get a lesson themselves.


Blogger copy editor said...

I'll take the votes, but I don't get those on the right who were pulling for a Democratic victory. Seemed kind of stupid to me. Of course, one of them in particular -- Mr. Andrew Sullivan -- has had a nasty habit of supporting dumb ideas, like Rumsfeld's war plan.

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