Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Obamma YO MaMa

Sometimes I wonder just why a person just pops up from nowhere and becomes a media darling. Of course I am talking about Barrak Obama. Here he is making the rounds of the week end talking head shows and being treated like the Messiah when in reality he has done almost nothing in the Senate and has virtually no experience in governance or foriegn policy.

The infatuation can't be because he is black. There are plenty of black people. Could it be that he is black and has charisma? There are plenty of black people with more charisma. Is it because he is smart, has charisma and is black? There are plenty of smart, charismatic blacks. I can't see why he is being played up by the media as a strong contender for the presidency.

Another thing that puzzles me is why he is referred to as black. He had a black father and a white mother so why is he black and not white? If he had a white father and a black mother would he still be black? No. He chooses to identify himself as black because it gives him an edge. The media will bite their tongues before the will ask him hard questions. He will never have to account for his votes in the Senate because he is black. No one will attack him the way they attacked GW Bush for fear of being branded a bigot.

I think Obama is a flash in the pan who has absolutly no chance of being elected President of the United States. People will gush over him and go on and on about his charm and honesty but the wll not vote for him. People would vote for Condi Rice but not Obamma. Why? Because they can see that Obamma is only a black skin hanging on some bones with no substance to fill the skin. We have all heard of the empty suit. Obamma is an empty skin.


Blogger copy editor said...

I think a major part of his media appeal is that he acts thoughtful and writes well. Nothing makes a print journalist feel more reflective "glory" than those traits.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My greatest fear is that I turely believe he is a Muslim. He will not attack any of the Muslim countries. Just wait and see if he gets in, what will really happen. Russ

10:33 AM  
Blogger frustrated 1 said...

My thoughts exactly, he has personna, but no experience to back anything up. He mimicks Hillary Clinton after a reaction from the media happens and goes the opposite way. It is totally obvious. why the appeal, I have no idea, but he does not carry my vote or support. I can see through his greed.

10:35 PM  
Blogger 日月神教-向左使 said...


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