Monday, January 15, 2007

Ramblin' On

I was drafted onto the Security Committee for the community where I live and although I want to be a good citizen and neighbor it is really getting to be a drag.

Because of my experience in the pharmaceutical industry making controlled substances, I am pretty knowledgable about access control, alarm, surveilance systems. These are the systems we are installing for our new gate, the dock and the clubhouse. The change requires not only the physical installation of the hardware but the whole system has to be programmed into the primary computer and into the door, gate and boat hoist on the dock.

To make a long story short, the job and the system was contracted to a local security company long before I moved here full time. The company is providing top of the line equipment and software but they never show up when the say they will.

I am a very punctual person and it pisses me off to be kept waiting. Before I retired that was one thing my employees knew they wouldn't get away with and I never kept them waiting either.

I was raised to believe that keeping someone waiting is a huge insult but it seems that ethic has gone by the wayside. I don't want to blow the contractor out of the water because that could impact the quality of his work but it is getting harder to bite my tongue.

I guess I will give him another week and if things don't get better then I will let him know he's not meeting expectations.


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