Saturday, February 03, 2007

Joe Biden

The first day of Senator Biden's foray into Presidential politics reminds me of an old joke that I still find funny.

The owner of a down at the heels race horse stable traded one of his nags for a healthy, well muscled stallion and found that the horse could run the mile in record times. The problem with the horse was that his attention span was Zero.

The stable owner, needing money badly, decided to enter his new stallion in an upcoming race that had a large purse. He didn't have a regular jockey so he got some silks for the stable boy and sent him and the horse to the race. The stable owner didn't have the money to go so he told the stable boy to send him a telegram with the results of the race as soon as the race was over.

The day of the race came and since it wasn't brodcast the stable owner sat at the Western Union office all day waiting for the telegram. It finally came and the message read "SSFF". The stable owner jumped with glee and told everybody in town that his horse had won.

The next day the train arrived and the stable boy and the horse disembarked. The stable owner ran over and hugged the stable boy and danced around like crazy. Finally the stable boy asked " why are you so happy"? The owner said the message the boy had sent read "started slow, finished fast" meaning they had won.

The stable boy looked down at the ground and shuffeled around some then he said " No sir boss, the message said "started, stumbled, farted, fell". Meaning they came in dead last.

I think Joe Biden might have started, stumbled, farted and fell too.



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