Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2008 Campaign Already?

I think I will be totally insane and locked in a rubber room by the time the 2008 presidential election. We are barely into 2007 and we have every nut who can write his name running. I'm not real sure Joe Biden can spell his name unless he plagarizes it from another candidaye. ( I had that happen in college. A student copied everything on my test paper, including my name.) I don't think his name was Joe Biden though.

Just look at what is slithering from under the rocks to announce his bid for the presidency: Chuck Hagel- freelance asshole, Hillary Clinton with her legs the size of tree trunks, Joe Biden- court jester, Governor Richardson (NM)- the highest ranking wetback in the country, Barrak Obama- colors within the lines and only cries when other children ask if he is white.

On the Republican side we have John McCain- a very brave patriot who sometimes gets confused as to which party he is in, Rudy Guiliani- schleping about 4,000 pounds of liberal stuff he has done to a relatively conservative convention. He might as well take a knife to a gun fight. Rudy is dead meat for the top spot but could make an excellent Vice Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney-died in the starting gate. His mandatory health insurance plan killed him. Ther are a few others who think they have the right stuff but the don't so I won't mention them.

The 2,000 pound gorilla lurking out there keeping a low profile and quietly making deals with the right people is: TA DA- Newt Ginghich. He is smarter and smoother than any of the others I named above and he isn't afraid of the opposition. Given the funding. Newt will be the next President.



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