Sunday, May 13, 2007

Adapt or Perish

I live in a gated community in coastal Georgia where the early residents have formed a clique so the can reign supreme over the Property Owners Association. I have to admit that due to their efforts in the early years our community is far superior to other like communities but the old timers are hide bound and resistant to change.

Some of them have started to see the offices they hold as a devine right to do whatever they want without regard for the opinions of others.

I moved here full time in September 2006 and was immediately asked to serve on the Security Committee. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry I have a lot of experience in setting up air tight security systems as required by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Well. to make a long story short, the Chairman of the committee had no concept of modern security systems and especially did not appreciate that the best security system is one that is not obvious.

We installed new gates and purchased top of the line electronics and camera systems but the comittee chairman insisted on installing the most garish lighting you can imagine. His approach was to light up the gate like a WalMart parking lot. This caused several of the committee members to quit because it made the entranct gates look like hell.

Needless to say that modern security cameras, as any optical device does, likes white light more than the yellow light put out by soduim vapor lights. The result was the cameras are blinded by the bright lights in front of the lens and we are only able to capture the shapes of vehicles.

The chairman wouldn't listen to suggestions for lights that are more subdued and we had an incident where one of the gates was damaged. Our cameras caught a fuzzy shape that can't be identified and the license plate is unreadable.

The point of all this is that what we are experiencing in my community is exactly what is wrong in Washington. The Senators and Congressmen keep returning and through seniority gain positions of power the are unable to manage. They become hide bound and resistant to change which puts on the backside of the effectiveness curve.

If we don't start creating some turnover in Washington and keep up with the times, we are going to fossilize just like the dinosaurs did.


Blogger Publia said...

Lemme see now--the board is stupid or what? Unable to understand that there is no security? Or something more diabolical?

2:48 PM  
Blogger Chuck said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say the Board is stupid but they are a little slow.

Great to hear from you again.


5:42 PM  

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