Thursday, April 26, 2007


In my last post I lamented the mess I had made of the trunk lid on the 84 Mustang I am restoring. Well, after countless hours of sanding, hammering and filling I finally got it straight and today I painted it. IT IS BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself.

Being a perfectionist is a character flaw I,ve always had and it has alienated some people that I look back and regret losing as friends. I have no idea why it is that anything I try to do has to be perfect when other people's poor, in my opinion, craftsmanship doesen't really bother me, unless of course he is doing it for me.

When I mow my lawn, which is large, I mow it twice. I mow in one direction the first time and the second time I mow perpendicular to the first. Not a blade of grass gets missed and the pattern mowin leaves must be 90 degrees. I go to all this trouble with my lawn but since I retired I only shave every 3 days.

If anyone has an explanation for my quirk I would appreciate hearing from you. I'm to anal , didn't have bad potty training and had a loving family so those are not the reasons.



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