Sunday, June 17, 2007

Illegal Immigration

The more I see and read about the "Comprehensive Immigration Bill" the more I realize that our politicians of both parties are totally out of touch with their constituancies. They seem to be oblivious to the overwhelming desire of the general public for secure borders, both northern and southern.

I think most people realize that it would be virtually impossible to deport all the illegals who are already here. I also think most people would not have a problem with a program to assimilate the current illegals over a period of time. The big issue is stopping more illegals from coming in.

In my opinion, we should do whatever is necessary to make our borders air tight. How we accomplish it is immaterial to me. If it requires laying mine fields 6 miles deep or if it can be done with high tech systems it is ok with me. What I want is NO additional illegal immigration.

The current proposals for high tech observation of the border means that we will be able to watch illegals as they cross into the country and then after they are in we will try to capture them. That is a joke. Once they are in, there is no way we will be able to catch all of them.

We need to jump on our politicians and let them know that we demand border security that prevents illegals from getting in, not a half assed program that requires us to expend huge amounts of money trying to catch them. Mine fields, death rays, poison gas , gun ships, plague or any other means is fair game to me. We have to stop this invasion in it's tracks and we need to force our politicians to put a program in place that accomplishes it.

Once the borders are secure, then we can address the issues of the illegals who are already here.



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