Sunday, July 22, 2007

I saw where Russ Feingold is planning to introduce a measure to censure President Bush. What does he think that will do? Bush could part the seas, cure all ills, make everybody rich, bring peace to the world and walk on water and the democrats & MSM would still criticize him. An official, honest to goodness censure would have about as much effect as shoveling shit against the tide.
Feingold is an arrogant ass who will do anything to get publicity. I believe he would give a blow job on the Capital steps if he could get his face on the front page. Needless to say I don't think very highly of Feingold. I rank him just a notch above Schumer who has to be the sleaziest human being ever to walk God's green earth. Where do these scumbags come from. Are they jacked off on a rock and hatched by the sun?
I wish, before I die, that we will manage to expell the current crop of butt wipes we have in congress and elect a new crop with the intrest of the US at the top of their priorities. It probably won't happen but I can hope.



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