Sunday, July 08, 2007

Professional Commentators- bleeeech

I don't normally watch Sunday talk shows because most of the content is so inane as to be childish. Today is one of those days when I did watch and on Fox there was a segment on the internet. The general premise was that the internet is making people stupid because it provides a conduit for ordinary people to express their views through blogs and sites like my space and U Tube. The bottom line was that professionsl reporters and commentators opinions are valid while the opinions of people like me and other bloggers are totally wrong and make people stupid.

Needless to say I disagree. I think my opinions are just as valid as any of the talking heads. They are my opinions and anyone who disagrees can do so which is not the case with the "professionals". My opinions are based on my life experiences which include serving in combat, raising a family, dealing with illnesses and deaths of family and friends, rising to upper management positions in the pharmaceutical industry, participating in competetive sports, and a miriade of other things that have shaped my opinions. I have been to all 50 states, lived in 15 states, and Puerto Rico, traveled in Europe and Asia and was one of very few Americans who went into China in 1968. I would hazzard a guess that the person who was postulating that bloggers opinions are stupid has done very few of the things I have done.

I really don't care what a blogger puts up on his/her site. If I disagree with what they post, I can comment, or if I find that I have no common ground with a blogger, I don't bother going to his/her site. Show me any "professional" commentator or reporter who has the courage to open him/herself up to anonymous commentors. The simply don't do it. They hide behind subscriptions or screens to protect themselves from the possible negative comments from the unwashed masses.

I, for one am sick of the talking heads who represent themselves as experts on everything. In the end the opinions of the "professionals" are no better than mine and in most instances the "professional" cannot draw on the 66 years of experience I have.

So. there, Mr. "Professional" commentator/editorialist/ reporter, blow it out your butt. Your high and mighty opinions are no more valid than anyone elses. Opinions are like ass holes. everybody has one.



Blogger Larry said...

A big "Amen!" to that post, Brother Chuck!

1:32 PM  

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