Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mustang Update

Sometimes it is better to just let a sleeping dog lie. Because the Mustang I'm restoring is for my Daughter, I am trying to make it as perfect as I can. I managed to get a good paint job on it and I got all the interior components in good shape. The engine runs well and the drive train works as it is supposed to.

When I put the fenders and grill back on the car I tested the horn, lights and wipers. The Parking lights and side marker lights wouldn't work so I started investigating. While rummaging around under the dash, I noticed some frayed wires and some areas that looked like they had been burned. Being a devoted father and not wanting to turn a potentially dangerous car over to my Daughter, I removed the dash and went through the wiring with a fine toothed comb. There were in fact several wires that had burned so I repaired them and rewrapped the harness. Has anyone ever tried to stuff a wiring harness for a car with all the options back into it's original location. Don't bother, it won't fit. There ar at least 100 wires in the harness and I think they must have swollen over time.

I will eventually get it back together but it is frustrating that all the stuff that came out so easy won't go back just as easily. The whole thing reminds me of the proverbial blivet. Five pounds of crap packed in a 2 poung bag.



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