Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Worst President Ever

Last night I saw a news bite where Harry Reid declared without equivication that "George Bush is the worst president in history". What rock was this clown hiding under when Jimmy Carter was president?

Carter managed in his 4 years in office to bestow upon the American people the worst inflation ever, allowed the Shah of Iran to be overthrown and replaced by Muslim zealots, allowed those same Muslim zealots to storm our embassy and hold our diplomatic mission hostage for over a year, and then he had the temerity to declare that we were in a national malaise and that we needed to learn to live with declining prosperity.

Carter was without doubt the worst president ever. Second place has to go to Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson did get the Civil Rights act passed which elevates him above Carter but his handling of the Vietnam War has to be one of the worst blunders in American history. He totally disregarded the advice if his military commanders and allowed an accountant, Robert McNamara, to micromanage the war. He allowed General Westmorland to stay in command of all forces in Vietnam even though it was obvious that the man was totally incompetent. Then the coup de gras was the Great Society, a policy that cost billions and instead of elevating the poor, it dragged a sizable portion of what was the middle class down. I won't even go into what became entitlements under the Great Society because they are so stupid .

Carter not only enbraced the Great Society, he actually believed it was working, something Johnson never did. To Johnson the Great Society was strictly a political expedient intended to assure his re election but Carter actually thought it was a good thing. Fortunately Johnson's handling of the Vietnam War took him out before he could do any more damage. Johnson at least had the good grace to fade away and die in relative obscurity.

Carter turned out to be the Gift that keeps on Giving after he was beaten by Reagan. He has set himself up as the world expert on electorial processes around the world, has meddeled in foriegn affairs policies of sitting presidents, has embraced every despot on the planet and has done everything he can to undermine the security of Israel.

Yep! Harry Reid was wrong. Jimmy Carter is the worst president ever while Harry Reid is well on the way to being the worst Senate Majority Leader ever.



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