Saturday, December 01, 2007

Whats New

I finally finished restoring the Mustang GT and turned it over to my daughter on her birthday. It was 30 years to the day since I gave her a Pinto for her 16th birthday. She really liked the way the Mustang came out and so did I considering I had never done a convertible or a Ford before. There are huge differences in working of a Ford vs a Chevrolet. The Chevrolet is constructed logically while everything on the Mustang seemed to be an after thought. Oh well, its done and I was glad to see it leave.

In one of my earlier posts I said that a number of people had asked me to run for election to the Board of Directors of my community. Well, I am on the ballot and the election takes place Dec. 8th. The old guard that has controlled the community sice day one are beside themselves because they might lose control. Well, its about time for some new blood and fresh ideas. They called an emergency meeting today and were roundly chastised by the current board for being obstructionists and that they might as well get used to the fact that as the community grows they will fall further by the wayside.

I don't know if I will be elected but if I am, I intend to bring some fiscal responsibility to the board and install better project management. The gate that was installed this year has cost double what was budgeted and has only worked one month this year. It is time for a change.



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