Saturday, June 07, 2008

Clinton and Obama

I find all the speculation about whether Obama will choose Hillary to be his running mate very amusing. In my opinion, that would be like French kissing a rattlesnake.

I don't give Obama much credit in the intelligence department but I don't think he is stupid enough to put Hillary and Bill in a position to ensure that he would be a one term president. From day one they would begin undermining him and there would be virtually nothing he could do about it. He couldn't fire her/them. They would be free to sabotage everything he tried to do. They have many more connections in the right places in Washington than he does and many of them wanted her for President in the first place.

Obama winning the nomination was a strategic mistake on Hillary's part. She let him get a head start just like the Rabboit did with the Hare. When you give up that much ground at the beginning, it is almost impossible th regain it at the end.

I hope Obama doesn't get elected, but if he does I hope he will do it without Hillary. We don't need the kind of skullduggery that the Clintons will do if she is Vice President.



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