Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Surprise

For the past couple of years been working on my family tree. I have found several ancestors who served in the American Revolution, One who was in the War of 1812, several who were in The Civil War , my Grandfather served in Cuba during the Spanish - American War, several ancestors were in the 1st World War and the 2nd World War none that I can find were in Korea and I was in Vietnam.

As I have been digging through family documents I have found several things that support the findings of my ancestry. One document was my Fathers membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, another was a Revolutionary War Veteran land grant to my 4th Great Grandfather, another was a pension granted to my Great Grandfather for service in the Confererate Army. I didn't even know that Confederate soldiers were eligible for pensions but they were.

Yesterday, I found documentation that my 4th Great Grandfather, Hugh Nelson, was the brother of Thomas Nelson, Jr. a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Hugh's father, William Nelson, was at one time acting governor of the Province of Virginia.

My mother had often claimed to be desended from Lord Nelson but no one took her seriously. It was this connection I was looking for when I found these other notables. It seems oral family history is pretty accurate at times so I will follow up on some of the stories my Grandparents
told me as a child.



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