Saturday, November 21, 2015

It has been a long time since my last post. Before started this post,I read what I had posted years ago. Not much has changed. I still don,the like Obama, in fact I now loath him. Hillary is still hanging around like rancid meat in a market with no refrigerators.

Here we are going into another election with nothing but bad choices. We still have Hillary who botched her job as Sec. Of State so badly we have no reliable friends left except maybe Japan. We have Bernie Sanders the self proclaimed (socialist) communist. On the Republican side we have three senators who couldn't find their assets with both hands and Lindsey Graham probably the dumbest man I ever met.

The Republicans also have Donald Trump who I agree with on most issues but the way he says things is kind of a turnoff. Ben Carson is unflappable seems like a reasonable man but I just can't see him in a really serious confrontation. Charley Farina is the smartest and probably the most strong willed of all of the candidates but she has no chance. Not much money, small campaign organization and the subject of a smear campaign by Trump. If the election was tomorrow I would go with Trump. Thankeep God, can I say that anymore? We still have a year before the election.